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terça-feira, 24 de setembro de 2013

Pacotão de links 1 (em inglês)

Surreal: Antarctica Research Bases - [imagens, fascinante]

Surprizing Mice & Hamsters Orchestra - [projeto musical]

Forgotten Bookmobiles - [abandonado]

Massive Storm on Saturn: Wow Pic - [espaço]

London Skyscraper Melts Cars info - [architecture fail]

Craziest Shoes Ever by Peter Popps - [weird, design]

Ancient Scripts: a Compendium of Writing Systems - [site legal]

The Octopus Table - [design]

Slate’s Strange Dirigible - [aeronaves, artigo]

Animation Made Entirely with Math Algorithms - [animação, matemática]

NASA’s original flight director’s harsh words - [espaço]

Troubadours of Occitania - [fascinante, história]

Example of their music & Online Collection - [música]

Incredible Image of the Meteora Monastery - [viagem, foto]

Most Desolate Shopping Malls - [abandonado]

Very strange “Audi” concepts - [design]

Very Cute Ceramic Art by Stasenko & Leontiev - [arte legal]

Total Wedding Terror - [imagens, terror]

Great Driving… Goofy Driving - [videos]

Super Creative Zip Bags from Japan - [video]

Parking in Russia - [videos]

How to make your kittens fall asleep - [engraçado, video]

They made it to the other side, barely - [video]

Cranberries Surfing (no berries destroyed) - [video]

Gianty Boulder Near-Miss - [video]

Fake “End of the World”, - [video]

Unique Multiple Suction Vortices: El-Reno Tornado - [video]

Chicken Dance: The Best Version! - [video, vine]